Motogear | MotoGP, Le Mans: Petrucci’s back on track!
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MotoGP, Le Mans: Petrucci’s back on track!

MotoGP, Le Mans: Petrucci’s back on track!

It was a tough weekend in Le mans, France, for Nolan and X-Lite riders, mainly for junior classes; Kornfeil admitted to feeling ‘disappointed’ with his 9th place despite a challenging race while Bastianini was unfortunately unable to participate due to injury.

Further obstruction occurred during Moto 3; British champion Danny Kent, experienced a weekend of difficulty as a result of mechanical issues with his Kalex which hindered his progress on track. However, a little more satisfaction came from Moto GP: Petrucci scored a brilliant 7th place on his debut-since he returned back to track (after suffering a serious hand injury), while Bradle brought his Aprilia into the top ten.


Next race is in Mugello, Italy on May 22nd– Nolan’s home race!

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