Motogear | IXON Heated-Glove
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Ixon, in partnership with Clim8, has developed an innovative range of intelligent heated gloves that know WHEN and HOW to keep you warm.

IT Series gloves are unique as they have thermal sensors, coupled with a dedicated application that can regulate the temperature to suit the comfort of the rider. (thermal comfort for hands is between 28°C and 32°C).

This comfort temperature can be adjusted to the nearest degree and will be stored to maintain optimum comfort in real-time.


For better performance and comfort, the products only heat up when necessary.

The heating system starts if the hand temperature is lower than the comfort one, initially calibrated and switches to stand-by mode once the comfort temperature is reached.


Temperature sensors regulate the temperature based on the personalise preferences set on the mobile application.

Thanks to a personalized calibration, the glove temperature is regulated according to the rider’s set up.


The heating elements are located in specific areas to optimise the heating sensation.

IT Series gloves are only heating the most exposed parts. No unnecessary heating.


How long can I ride with my heated ?

The glove battery life will vary according to the weather conditions and rider’s sensitivity to cold

How do I monitor my battery level?

The glove’s led will flash if the battery is low. LED light and the app will warn you before the battery stops.

How to recharge my gloves battery?

Take out the batteries from their storage pocket and plugg them on the IT charger that was delivered with the gloves. The time of charge is about 3H. The light of the charger will go green when ready.

Do not use a power bank.

Can I lend my gloves to another rider?

Nothing is simpler: reset your app and calibrate the gloves with the new user.