Motogear | Grex
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With an ever careful eye on the evolution of the consumer and their desires, the Nolan Group noted a growing need to satisfy a new category of users. And this is precisely what led to the 1993 debut of the trademark GREX.

Devoted to the stylish rider looking for good value for money, Grex immediately stands out as the intelligent response to a public of teenagers and young adults.

A dynamic design with original graphics, practical solutions and experimental production have made Grex a real laboratory of ideas, in a ferment of constant movement and growth.

Grex aims to provide a complete offer within the Group trademarks, providing the perfect entry helmet for new riders.

Product News – G9.1 EVOLVE

This is Grex’s flip-up helmet based on Nolan’s N90 model, with which it shares much-appreciated technical characteristics. The chin guard, upper air intakes and the rear spoiler have been restyled. The G9.1 EVOLVE has been further enriched this year with N-Com (ready for). Alongside the traditional solid-colour versions (Kinetic N-Com), the range offers versions which match chin guard and outer shell in distinct colours (Couplé N-Com).

G9.1COUPLE LED Yellow 019