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X-Lite Helmets

The two biggest assets of the Company are its unique technical and production skills and its strive for innovation. This combination brought Nolan to success and the Company now offers a wide range of products, designed for any kind of rider and able to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. Over time, Nolan® has been raising the performance level of its products, ensuring at the same time they would comply with the strictest production regulations and using state-of-the-art materials.

X-lite® came into being in 1998. A new brand for a second Company and also a real challenge, since the Nolan Group pushed the boundaries of its own experience and know-how, and moved into the composite materials sector. In the new special plant for the exclusive production of composite fibre helmets, the most advanced industrial technology goes hand in hand with craftsman’s care and skills, which are typically associated with the processing of composite materials.

Product News – X-1005

This is X-lite’s exclusive high-carbon content version of the new flip up helmet. It is characterised by an elegant and dynamic design, a striking appearance and an ample range of technical features, some of which are highly innovative. Carbon-rich construction, three outer shell sizes, double P/J homologation, ultrawide visor, VPS sunscreen (adjustable in various positions and fitted with the automatic retraction system), rotation of the chin guard with elliptical trajectory, exclusive double action chin guard opening mechanism, double lever Microlock2 retention system with micrometric adjustment, Carbon Fitting Racing Experience inner comfort padding (with an innovative net construction), exclusive Liner Positioning Control (LPC) system and set-up for the new generation N-Com communication system make the X-1005 ULTRA CARBON the most exclusive flip up helmet for the most demanding of motorbike tourists.


Product News – X-803 U.C. Moto GP

Extremely lightweight and compact (thanks to its high carbon content and the availability of three sizes of outer shell), emergency cheek pad removal system (NERS – Nolan Emergency Release System), reliable visor mechanism with Double Action device, efficient RAF (Racing Air Flow) ventilation system and internal Carbon Fitting Racing Experience comfort padding (with innovative net construction) – these are the highlight technical features that make up this exclusive product, aimed at the more demanding rider.

X-803 UC MOTOGP Carbon 16
X-803 UC MOTOGP Carbon 16




X-1004 CHARISMATIC N-COM Flat Lava Grey 23

X-1004 UC



X-903 CAVALCADE N-COM Imperator Blue 24