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In 2012 Motogear were pleased to announce that they would become the Exclusive Distributor in the UK and Eire for the Italian helmet manufacturer Nolan Group.

The Nolan Group, which includes Nolan, X-lite, and Grex helmets as well as the N-Com range of Bluetooth motorcycle communication devices. With over 30 years’ experience, Nolan produces helmets world renowned for their quality, having previously supplied Moto GP two time world champion – Casey Stoner for over 12 years, and 2012 Moto GP champion Jorge Lorenzo.

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Great Value Helmets

With an ever careful eye on the evolution of the consumer and their desires, the Nolan Group noted a growing need to satisfy a new category of users. And this is precisely what led to the 1993 debut of the trademark GREX.

Devoted to the stylish rider looking for good value for money.


Your World, In Your Helmet

The N-Com – Nolan Communication System division was established in 2005.

The idea was to develop a communication system specifically for Nolangroup helmets, completely integrated inside the helmets, without altering the requirements in terms of look, comfort and compliance with applicable standards. This objective was successfully pursued by the Group which, starting in 2006, launched on the market a modular range of communication kits. The intuition turned out to be a winner.