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 The XPD boots collection represents the best fusion of three fundamental elements: design, comfort and safety. This ongoing synergy is aimed to satisfy the needs of all kinds of motorcycling, from pure racing through touring to naked bikes and so on.

XPD site offers you the possibility to discover the exclusive XPD boots collection and check out its main technical features.

Product News – XPD X-Zero R 2014

xzerorThe ultimate motorcycle riding shoes from XPD. All racing experience in a marvelous design piece, ideal for fast-and-fun rides.

-High strenght external microfiber material.
-Mesh net with high abrasion resistance.
-Reinforced area made of polyurethane on heel, malleolus, slider area with shift padding.
-Vented area on heel.
-Reinforcement support on tip and heel.
-Steel removable slider.
-Micrometric fast-clip closure.
-Zip fastening.
-Air Tech plantar increases sweat


Product News – XP3-S

xp3sThe evolution in the “3” series, this racing boot is ideal for mid to high level sport riders. With interchangeable slider, polyurethane shields and a solid chassis this is a race ready, performing boot good also for sport touring.